About Larry Vorwerk


Author Larry Vorwerk believes that insights from spiritual mindfulness, nature and science help explain the journey of life. Growing up in southeastern Iowa in a large Catholic family, he explored wildlife and created boyhood adventures along the Mississippi River. Enjoying the usual sibling games, Larry also had a reputation for endurance and speed as a runner. In fact, Larry has logged over 41,000 miles (a distance of one and one-half times the circumference of the earth!) since he began his running career in high school. His father gardened extensively, and Larry also learned the tips and tricks of successful harvests. Today his garden includes fifty varieties of fruits and vegetables.

Following his love of nature, combined with scientific explanation, he chose to study the sciences in college, receiving a bachelor degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology from Iowa State University. He became a zookeeper and, ten years later, took graduate classes in Nursery Management from the University of Minnesota. For the last 32 years, he has been a zookeeper at the Minnesota Zoo, gaining many behavioral insights while experiencing and studying the habits of animals such as wolves and tropical birds.

Over the last thirty years, Larry’s search for life answers and a greater understanding of reality took him beyond traditional religious beliefs to an expanded understanding and spiritual practice. He experienced a number of spiritual and multidimensional occurrences. New insights made it possible for him to transcend Catholicism and transform scientific and spiritual philosophies. He wanted to share the joy of his “aha moments.” This drive followed him through most of his adult years, leading to the journaling of his “packets” and, eventually, to the writing of this book.

Larry and his wife, Nita Wolf, live on ten acres of land in central Minnesota and have been happily married for thirteen years. Each has adult children from a previous marriage. Together, they have nine grandchildren. Their home also provides a place for groups to explore many aspects of spiritual transformation.

Although increasing chaos, discouragement, despair and sadness appear today in many people’s lives, Larry believes that the earth is in a birthing process of creating a new world of love, hope, and interconnectedness. Larry’s intention is to emulate many of the great spiritual masters and teachers. He is personally guided by an emotional bond with Jesus who merges with Larry to promote a sense of unconditional love, peace, and Oneness. Not exclusive to this relationship, he feels that anyone may tap this energy and live with deeper connection and meaningful purpose.