Meditation/Wisdom Questionnaire


You are part of the whole, and we are all One. “Meditation on Awakening” is designed to assist you in becoming aware of your true reality. This is an effective meditation to complete with another person or alone. It is my hope that you will find this meditation supportive in your journey toward realizing your connection with all other life forms. Acceptance of this reality adds new dimensions to the concept of self.

Wisdom is a gift. When we pay attention, our life experiences help us to understand what is true, right or lasting. These understandings become the foundation of wisdom in our lives. Wisdom is our inner light, one that we can share with others.

Because each of us is a spark of the Divine, yet no one knows all of the truths of wisdom, I decided to gather wisdom from many diverse people over a million years of life experiences (that would be ~20,000 people!). The collected wisdom to-date demonstrates how God speaks through us, enabling us to learn from each other.

Perhaps you would like to offer your wisdom. Please click the button below to begin sharing your thoughts. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.